a week in pictures. 

It’s often hard to put into words what our week looks like. The ups and downs and in-betweens seem to happen very quickly, and I’m guilty of sometimes forgetting about one before moving on to the other.

I decided that the best way to show this is through photos – nothing special or professional or well done. Just a mix of what we see during the week, showcasing all things real health, real fitness, and real life.


Jackson is so advanced, he already sent me a valentines day card 😉
Someone was not amused.
Jackson spent a good amount of time this week with his hands to his mouth. For a kiddo who spent so much time intubated, it’s great to see that he doesn’t have a huge aversion to things in his mouth.
Finding new uses for our vent tubing before losing it for good this week.
The start of my morning workout routine. 5:30am comes early but it makes the day that much better.
Physical therapy and wearing clothes for the first time!
Working on sitting and core stability.
Someone decided to spend a huge amount of time this week with his eyes open, staring at his moose and all of his toys.
Reaching and grabbing!
‘Taco ’bout how cute I am’
The first time in a long time someone has been without any type of vent support. This was an amazing day!
Escaping the hospital and getting out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants.
More clothes, more time on the high flow.



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