why i’m doing a whole30 while my life is in shambles.

My husband and I just started a Whole30. Seems like a sound plan, right? I mean, it’s not like we have much else going on.

Son’s in the ICU? Check. Potential tracheostomy and expected extubation? Check. Carefully balancing work and home life while simultaneously completing a masters in nutrition? Check, check and check.

Zach and I had been planning on starting a Whole30 for a while. Things in the food department were slowly spiraling out of control. No, we weren’t eating fast food on a regular basis or even eating out much for that matter. But we were consuming cookies by the dozen and I had started pretending I was a sommelier based on the amount of wine I was drinking. So it was time for a reset – a hard reset – where we could take a real look at our food and the relationship we had with it.

the essentials. breast milk and wine.



I am the first to admit that I eat for comfort. Not only do I love the taste of cookies, I love the feel of cookies – warm, welcoming, and something that truly reminds me of home. And that’s great. What’s not great is eating half a dozen per day, especially when the cookie dough costs as much as parking for a day at the hospital.

we may or may not have stuffed this cookie dough with extra chocolate.



It would have been easy to say that we were just too busy to start a Whole30 now, but honestly I couldn’t think of a better time. Sure, we have a lot going on – we have a lot on our plate and our stress level is through the roof. But if I can manage making healthy choices in regards to food now, I can definitely manage making them when things are going right. Plus, there is no better time for me to be eating optimally. Chronic stress is a killer to overall health, be it physical or mental stress, and one of the best ways to support your body during those times is with a mix of healthy diet, exercise, and sleep.

One of the biggest reasons I hear for people not wanting to change their diet is that they just have too much going on right now and will make a change when the time is right, when it’s absolutely perfect and all other aspects of their daily lives are in a row. But, let’s be honest – the time is never right. Something will always come up. Our lives are never in a row and never will be. You’re best friend will be getting married or your company will be throwing the biggest party of the year. Your anniversary will be around the corner or your child’s birthday party will be next week. Worse yet, a family member falls ill or you lose your job, your best friend, your parent.

Making changes when things are hard may seem counterintuitive. But, instead of thinking of the change as something you’re adding to your burdens, as an added stress on top of an already stressful life, think of it as an opportunity. As a chance for you to support yourself in the best way possible, through your health and your nutrition, two things that you often have so much control over. Consider it self-care and a way to be a little bit selfish during a time that can otherwise turn selfless when you are worrying or caring for others.

planning our meals while the little man gets his.



Maybe you don’t decide to do a Whole30, and that’s fine. Maybe your change is cutting out one soda a day or making it to the gym twice this week. Those things are great, too. But, if the Whole30 is your thing or you just want to watch me pine for cookies for 30 days, be sure to follow along on the Real Health section of the page as I share recipes and tips for making it through.

Until then, only 29 days to go until it’s cookie time again.


3 thoughts on “why i’m doing a whole30 while my life is in shambles.

  1. You are so right! There is always a “reason” not to! Think of it as an opportunity! I love that idea. An opportunity to take control of ourselves. I have been putting off going to the gym since the beginning of the new year! It is always on my mind, but I have hundreds of excuses of why I cannot go! It it time to stop making excuses! Although it may seems as if my goal is small, I plan on going to the gym at least once a week! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  2. Most important that you take care of yourselves . It’s not selfish. Jackson needs you to be strong and healthy.
    It’s not easy to do yet I know that for sure.
    I love to hear the support you and Zach give each other.
    Wishing you both success with Whole 30. My thoughts and prayers are with good news for Jackson.


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